Treasure Hunt Party Invitation and Decorations
Treasure Hunt Party Invitation
Treasure Hunt Party Food Labels
Treasure Hunt Party Water Bottle Labels
Treasure Hunt Party Cupcake Toppers
Treasure Hunt Party Cupcake Wrappers
Treasure Hunt Party Candy Bar Wrappers
Treasure Hunt Party Pennant Banner
Treasure Hunt Party Treat Bag Toppers
Treasure Hunt Party Favor Tags
Treasure Hunt Party Thank You Card
Treasure Hunt Party Game Intructions
Treasure Hunt Party Clue Notes
Treasure Hunt Party Clue Notes
Treasure Hunt Clue Notes - Blank
Treasure Hunt Game Clues

Treasure Hunt Party Full Collection

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$13.50 USD

Get the full treasure hunt party collection at a bargain price. This full collection of invitation and decorations is all you need for the perfect treasure hunt birthday party.

The items in this treasure hunt collection are editable and you can personalize the text for the birthday child and make it unique.

Instantly download and easily personalize the templates with the free Adobe Reader by typing over our sample text. Edit & print as many times as you like.

The full collection of the Treasure Hunt Party Printables will be emailed directly to your inbox for easy download.

Included templates:

  1. Treasure hunt invitation. 1x PDF file with two 5 x 7 invitations per page.
  2. Treasure Hunt food labels. 1 xPDF file with four 3.25 x 1.75 inch food label (when folded) per page.
  3. Treasure Hunt water bottle labels. PDF file with 5 labels per page (8.5 x 2 inches each).
  4. Treasure Hunt cupcake toppers. 2 x PDF files with twelve 2 inch cupcake toppers per page. One PDF with editable text and another PDF with design elements only (non editable).
  5. Treasure Hunt cupcake wrappers. 1 x PDF file with three cupcake wrappers designed for the treasure hunt theme (non editable)
  6. Treasure Hunt candy bar wrapper. 1 PDF file with two 5.25 x 5.65 inch candy bar wrappers per page.
  7. Treasure Hunt pennant banner. You get pennant banner panels that say: “Happy Birthday!”, editable letters pennant banner panels and design only pennant banner panels.
  8. Treasure Hunt treat bag toppers. PDF file with 4 x 4 inches wide treat bag topper per page. 
  9. Treasure Hunt favor tags. PDF file with 8 favor tags per page. Each favor tag is 2.25 x 3.5 inch.
  10. Treasure Hunt thank you cards. PDF file with twelve 2 treasure hunt thank you card per page.
  11. Treasure Hunt game set that includes: (a) Treasure Hunt game instructions written in rhyme (b) Treasure Hunt clue notes (c) Treasure Hunt clues (puzzle, cipher codes, spot the differences).

How to design the game?
You can easily create as many clues you want from the treasure hunt clues file included with this item. Here are the different options:

  1. In the Treasure Hunt Game Clues file you have 4 notes written in 2 different cipher font. The cipher cards to decode the text is included. You can create as many coded clues from these notes and the kids use the cipher cards to decode the clues
  2. In the Treasure Hunt Game Clues file you have an editable 'puzzle' clue included. You can create as many coded clues from this puzzle. Simply edit the hidden place and each puzzle can be used as a different clue.
  3. In the Treasure Hunt Game Clues file you have 'spot the difference' pictures. There are 3 differences which allows you to use one or all of these items as hiding places. The kids needs to be instructed to spot the differences and that the next clue is hidden in one of these items. The differences are in the table (one leg is missing in one picture), chair (one leg is missing in one picture) and tree (one branch is missing in one picture). That given you a few options for hiding places.