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Will any printed material deliverd to me by mail?

How do I use a printable template?

I can't seem to find my printable files. Please help!

What material do I need for the printables?

Software Requirements

Do I need any special software?

Will the templates work on a Mac computer?

Will the templates work on a smartphone?

Pesonalizing The Templates

How do I personalize the templates?

What can be changes/edited in the templates?

Printing The Templates

At what size can I print the files?

How do I print my purchased template?

Can I print the templates at home?

What paper type should I use for printing the templates?

The colors of printed items look diferent to the colors of the printables on the screen! What do I do?

Can you ship the printables ready-printed or ready-cut to me?

Can I email the templates?

Term of Use

Can I share my purchased templaes?

Can I use my purchased templaes for my clients?

Can I sell a purchased template?

How many times can I use my purchased templates for my personal use?