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Does your child love creating new things from Lego? Do his/her eyes light up every time they see a Lego pack in a shop? Has he ever asked to have Lego as the theme of his birthday party? Mine has, leaving me muttering to myself and wondering - How on earth am I supposed to organize a Lego party that will be anything but a bunch of kids silently furrowing their brows over their own pile of Lego pieces, with zero interaction with one another? If you’ve ever faced this problem, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Lego Party Ideas, Games and Decorations

I’d like to share some awesome ideas for a fun and Interactive Lego party that is perfect for Lego enthusiasts.

If you would also like to add a personal touch to your party, you might be interested in my super cool Lego party collection, which you can edit and personalize with your own text.

This collection includes a building blocks invitation that, once downloaded, can be edited to show your child’s name and age, along with the date, time and place of the party, and any other specific details you care to include.

Lego Party Invitation 

Below are the items that are included in the complete building blocks party decoration collection:  

Lego Party Decorations

Lego Party Games and Activities:

Okay, now let’s forget our worries about our Lego party being boring.

You can have the party anywhere that suits the number of guests and has suitable surfaces -- flooring or tables -- for the children to work on. The party can easily be managed by anyone who has a way with kids, e.g. one or two scout girls.

 Here are 10 super fun Lego games so you'll have of plenty ideas for your party:

1. Lego Tower Contest 

Have the kids work in teams of two. Spread Lego pieces of a size suitable to the kids’ age around the party area. The goal is to build the tallest tower within the time limit. One more rule: when the time is up, the tower has to be standing by itself.

You can make the game more challenging by requiring that each layer of the tower is a different colour from the one above it and the one below it.

Lego Party Games - Lego Tower Contest

2. Guess the Number of Lego Pieces

Let all the kids have a close look at your Lego jar/box and guess how many pieces of Lego are in it, but not to shout out their guesses. Each guest puts a note with their name and their guess of how many Lego bricks are in the jar. The winner won’t be announced until the end of the party when all the guesses are read out and then the actual number is revealed.

Guess the Number of Lego Pieces

3. Lego Hunt 

There are 2 versions of this game:

Version 1: hide the pieces of a simple Lego model around the party space and ask the kids to work as a team to find all the pieces and build the kit. Having the instructions they will know which other pieces are missing. You can help them with clues if they struggle to find all the pieces. The game is over when they finished finding all the pieces and building the model.

They game is great to get all the kids very active and work as a team to find the pieces and build the model.

Version 2: hide Lego pieces all over the party space and ask all kids search for it. The child with the most Lego pieces is the winner.

4. Lego on Spoon Race

Split the kids into two or more teams. Give each team a box containing three Lego pieces for each child in the team. (This should ensure that each child has at least one turn, if not two or three.) On the other side of the room, put a box for each team. Give each child a large plastic spoon.

The first child in each team puts the handle of his spoon in his mouth and a Lego piece in the spoon. The goal is to reach his team’s box without dropping the Lego and then to put the Lego piece in the box. If the Lego falls or the child touches the spoon, that piece of Lego does not go into the box. When the first child reaches the box, the next child on his team can begin. The game can go on until one team has finished all its Lego pieces, or you stop it by turning on (or shutting off) music, or with a bell or whistle.

The team with the most Lego pieces in the other box wins the game. You could also give bonus points to the team that finished its pieces of Lego first.

Lego party Games - Lego on Spoon Race

5. Pass The Lego

Same as Pass the Parcel, but with a box that looks like a Lego brick (use bright Blue/Red/Yellow/Green wrapping paper and draw circles on top of it). Put Lego-related gifts betweeh the layers of the parcel, such as Lego miniatures, Lego crayons, Lego stationary items, such as notebooks, erasers, etc. The kids play Pass the Parcel with it and receive those small Lego gifts.

6. Musical Lego Bricks

This game is the Lego version of musical chairs. The kids sit in a circle and pass a Lego brick from one to another. The child who is holding the brick when the music stops is out of the game. The winner is the last child remaining and not holding the brick when the music stops.

7. Lego Toss Game

Create a ‘Lego Brick Box’ by taking an oblong cardboard box, wrapping it in bright coloured paper (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow) and cutting 8 fairly large holes in the top of it, so that it looks like a Lego brick. The kids take turns trying to toss a large mega Lego piece into one of the 8 holes. Each time they succeed, they get a small prize.

Another version is to create two such boxes and have a contest between two teams of kids.

8. Lego Colouring Station

Create a colouring station of Lego. There are numerous colouring pages on the Lego official site. You can place all the crayons and colours in a stand/s made out of Lego bricks (optional).

9. Lego Building Station

Set up a station for building Lego. You can leave it as is throughout the party and allow kids to build Lego whenever they wish. or have this setup as part of a game by setting a timer and asking all the guests to build something during this limited time. When the time is up ask the kids to share what they managed to build.

Lego Building Station

10. Lego Straw No Hands Game

Give every child a paper plate containing some Lego bricks, another empty paper plate, and plastic straw . They have to move as many Lego bricks as they can from one plate to the other using only the straw, no hands.

This game can also be played with chop sticks. In this case the kids can only move the Lego bricks from one plate to the other using the chop sticks.

Lego party Games - Lego Straw No Hands Game

End of the Lego Party

At the end of the party you can hand out favour bags with a building blocks candy bar inside that you have personalized for your child’s party, down to the ingredient level. Yep, you can include any ‘ingredient’ you wish and get super creative about it. On the front you can type your own text: “Happy Birthday” or “Thank you for Coming to My Party” or any other text that comes to mind.

Lego Candy Bar Wrappers

Or you might want to give the kids a treat bag with this super cool building blocks treat bag topper.

Lego Treat Bag Toppers

You can also hand out building blocks thank you cards, on which you can edit the text to include your child’s name. Or you change the text completely or leave it the space blank for you to write in something personal by hand.

Lego Thank You Cards

But all the trimmings above are just for the WOW factor. You can certainly throw a successful Lego party without those embellishments. However, if you do wish to use some of these items, you can get the whole building blocks party collection at a bargain price and choose which items to use:

Lego Party Decorations

Once downloaded, you can use as many times you wish (no sharing though, please). If your child loves his Lego party and you want to have another one, you will have always have those digital items and can personalize them for your other children.

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