Dinosaur Party

A party with a dinosaur theme is one of the popular among kids. And why wouldn’t it be? Those fascinating prehistoric creatures  are so impressive --  massive, unique and mysterious. What’s not to like?

If your child would enjoy a Dinosaur Theme Party, below are some ideas for dinosaur party cakes, food, and games, as well as personalized printables – invitations, decorations, banners, wrappers, etc.

Dinosaur Party Ideas games and decorations

First things first – sending out invitations.

Below is our printable dinosaur party invitation. You can easily customize it with your child’s name, age, time and place of the party, etc. Besides the special personal touch they add, printables are incredibly convenient. Print as many as you need. Last minute additions to the guest list? No probem. Just print more. And there is no need to handwrite dozens of invitations. Simply edit one and you’re done – print as many of them as you need to send or hand out.

Dinosaur Party Invitation

When it comes to decorations, try to stick to colors that go well with the theme – e.g. green tablecloths and green, orange, and brown balloons. Hang some green streamers in the doorway to the party room and cut out giant dinosaur foot prints to stick to the floor around the party area.

Below are 10 awesome dinosaur theme party games and activities:

  1. Walk the Dinosaur Trail – Get a large piece of cardboard and attach giant dinosaur footprints to it, pointing in different directions, making it a challenge for the kids to follow the trail. The kids stand in line and they have to walk the trail with each foot at the same direction as the dinosaur foot prints.
    Dinosaur Party Game - Walk The Dinosaur Trail
  1. Dinosaur Toss Game – On a large piece of cardboard, create the shape of a dinosaur and make 3 or more cone shapes for its ears and mouth. Give rings to the kids (I used frisbee rings) and let them try to toss them over the cones.
    Dinosaur Party Game - Dinosaur Toss Game
  1. Dinosaur Egg Pass – Fill a few Easter eggs with small dinosaur toys or candy. Have the kids sit in a circle and pass an egg from one to each other while music is playing. When the music stops, the child holding the egg gets to “hatch” it and enjoy whatever prize is inside. The rest of the kids continue playing with the other eggs. Make sure you have enough eggs for all of them.
  1. Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets –This fabulous idea - that I got from https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/dinosaurs-clothespin-puppets/ - is not too complicated for the little ones to make. All you have to do is print out the puppet images and give them to the kids (along with with crayons or magic markers to color them), and then give them wooden clothespins, glue, and scissors. Each child colors their own dinosaur, cuts a line along the mouth line, and glues it to a clothespin. This one below was done by a 4 yeats old little one. Pretty neat!
    Dinosaur Party Game - Dinosaur Clothespin Puppets
  1. Find the Dino Eggs – Buy some chocolate eggs (Kinder will do nicely), wrap them in white paper, hide them around the party area, and have all the kids search for the hidden dino eggs. You can make the game more challenging by giving them clues – with a level of difficulty that is suitable for their age.
  1. Dinosaur Egg Race – Divide the guests into 2 teams, with the same number of kids on each team. Each team receives a ‘dinosaur egg’ - a chocolate egg covered in white wrapping paper. Each member of each team has to race to the other side of the room and back, while holding the egg on a spoon. The team whose members drop the egg the fewest number of times wins.Dinosaur party Game - Dinosaur Egg Race
  1. How Many Eggs Did the Dinosaur Lay? – Fill a transparent glass container with dinosaur eggs (aka chocolate eggs). Each child guesses how many eggs are in the jar and the child whose guess is closest to the real number wins. Make the end of this game more suspenseful and fun by removing the eggs from the jar one by one and counting them -- out loud together with the kids.Dinosaur Party Game - How Many Eggs Did the Dinosaur Lay
  1. Dinosaur Bone Hide and Seek – Get the biggest plastic dog bone your local pet store sells and hide it in the party room. The child who finds the ‘dinosaur bone’ wins.Dinosaur party Game - Dinosaur Bone Hide and Seek
  1. Dinosaur Tracks – Make dinosaur footprint cut outs and place them on the floor in a way that shows the way to hidden clues. These clues will lead the kids to some kind of treasure. Each set of dino tracks leads to a different clue, which in turn will lead them to the next clue and finally to the treasure. The tracks are there to lead them to the next hiding place but the clues will help them find exactly where in the footprints area is the next clue.
  1. Extinct Dinosaurs – Instead of Hide and Seek, Seek and Join. Someone is chosen to be the extinct dinosaur. This child hides, while all the other kids close their eyes and count to 20. Then they all search for the extinct dinosaur. When one of them finds the extinct dinosaur, they quietly join them in their hiding place. The game continues until the last child who is still looking for the extinct dinosaur finds it. This game would work well in a large venue that has many 'hidding spots'.

DIY Dinosaur Party Invitations and Decorations

Below are some decorative items to bring even more color and personalization to your child’s party.

This dinosaur party pennant banner for your dinosaur theme party can be edited with your own text – e.g. “Happy Birthday” or “Johnny Is Eight” or any other text you wish to put on it.

Dinosaur Party Pennant Banner

These dinosaur party cupcake wrappers look terrific on party table. Just bake the cupcakes in regular paper liners, then print, cut, and glue the ends of the dinosaur wrappers together and place your cupcakes inside them.

Dinosaur Party Cupcake Wrappers

The dinosaur party cupcake toppers pictured below can be used for your cake and/or cupcakes. Personalize the text on the toppers with your child’s name, age – or any other message. Attach them to toothpicks or any wooden sticks and put them on your dinosaur cake or cupcakes. Voila – a personalized dinosaur desert.

Dinosaur Party Cupcake Toppers

Use the fun dinosaur party food labels below to create dinosaur theme food items. For example, on a bowl of pretzles sticks put a label saying: ‘Dino Bones’.

Dinosaur Party Food Labels

Will you be serving water or juice bottles? Personalize them with your dinosaur party theme and your child’s name using these cute dinosaur party bottle labels.

Dinosaur Party Water Bottle Labels

Dinosaur Party Cake

Make your child’s favourite cake and decorate for the dinosaur theme. You can get edible rocks candy to use as decoration along with your child’s dinosaur mini figures:

 Dinosaur Party Cake

Personalized Dinosaur Party Favors

Here are some ideas for personalized dinosaur party favors or dinosaur goodie bags that your child can hand out to their guests.

These dinosaur candy bar wrappers can be personalized with your own text on the front. You can even edit the ‘Ingredients’ section (e.g., include: ‘Roars’, ‘Dino-mite’ etc.).

Dinosaur Party Candy Bar Wrappers

Create this cute dinosaur party treat bag. Just put some colorful candy in a 4x6 inch cellophane bag and attach your personalized dinosaur party label to the top of it.

Dinosaur Party Treat Bag Toppers

Want to thank your guests for coming? We have the perfect dinosaur party thank you cards, just for that. You can edit or delete the text – or add your own handwritten message for a more personal touch.

Dinosaur Party Thank You Cards

Note that if you would like to purchase more than one of the dinosaur party decorative items, you might prefer to get them all – in our super cost-effective dinosaur party decorations bundle:

Dinosaur Party Decorations

And last but not least – enjoy your colorful dinosaur party!