How to Survive with The Kids at Home

If the Coronavirus has you in lockdown, you’ve found yourself performing jobs that were never in your plans for a full-time career -- home school teacher, Super Nanny, and chief cook and bottle washer for all the members of your household who are suddenly at home. All day. Every day. 24/7. All of them. I mean, every day.

I can only hope that some of our printables might be able to play a small part in helping you maintain your sanity during these weird times.

Young Kids

For younger kids, suddenly being at home all day, every day, might seem like one wonderful long holiday. But it is also confusing. Discipline and routine is liable to quickly evaporate. We all know that kids like borders. They derive confidence from knowing what is going to happen next.

The fully-editable kids responsibility chart with a morning/evening routine below can help encourage children to perform their tasks and enjoy ticking off the ones they’ve already done. This printable provides a set of alternative icons, so you can list your own child’s tasks and activities and change the text accordingly.

Kids Responsibility Chart

If you think further encouragement may be needed, you can personalize the Reward Chart below:

Personalized Reward Chart For Kids

Older Kids

If you have older children, a pre-defined schedule can help limit their screen time, while ensuring that each is completing all of their daily tasks. We provide two versions of our Kids Activity Planner. One has 6 time slots, originally designed for after school activities. Our full-day schedule consists of 10 time slots. All columns are editable, so you can define any hour of the day for any activity you add.

Kids Daily Schedule

And here is the extended version of it:

Full Day Kids Daily Schedule


Yep. You really shouldn't be doing it alone. Encourage the kids to help with a Family Chore Cleaning Chart. No more fighting about whose turn it is to do what. 

Family Chore Chart


Here’s another thing you can get your kids involved in – planning the menu for each day. Let them help you fill in the colourful meal planner -- and hope to never again have to hear, “Why do we have to have so-and-so again?” A discussion of why it might not be a good idea to have pizza every night might lead to a serious discussion of nutrition and health.

Meal Planner Set

Or you can get the Family Menu Planner, which is part of our Ultimate Planner Bundle.

Family Planner Bundle

Something for You

Amidst the current chaos and uncertainty – which seems to have rendered most of us incapable of remembering what day it is -- a good daily planner can be a life saver. Our 7-day editable planner helps you keep track of what you have already taken care of and what remains to be done -- and helps alleviate fears of losing your mind :)

7-Day Planner

Something for Fun

Use our funny quarantine wine labels to add humor even in the current Coronavirus event. Have a laugh at home with your partner or use to create a funny wine gift to friends or family members. Simply cut the labels after printing and stick on your favorite wine bottle. Enjoy!

Funny Quarantine Wine Labels